illumina 360° |

World’s First-Ever Robotic, 360° Breast Thermography System

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Breast thermography is approved by FDA as an adjunct screening method to current standard of mammography

Safe & earlier detection of breast cancer

Years ahead of Structural Imaging

No Pain, No Radiation, No Touch

No Breast Exposure

Non-Invasive & For all Breast Types

No Contrast Injections

Made for All Ages

Safe for Women 18+

Repeatable and Reliable

Unlimited Repeat Exams

Designed, Developed and Made in India

for the world

Best Innovation in Healthcare
Devices & Diagnostics 2017


Powerful, Safe, Early Breast Cancer Warning System to Elevate Your Women’s Health Practice

illumina 360° employs an advanced robot and an ultra-sensitive infrared camera to provide 360° view of the breast. Its intelligent software tools further help in mapping the surface temperature of the breast through hot spots and cold spots with up to 97% accuracy in screening tissue changes as well as distinguishing surrounding normal cells.


Move light years ahead in breast care with illumina 360°

At Cura Healthcare, we realize spotting cancer at the earliest age and stage - cellular/tissue levels can be a golden advantage in the management of breast cancer. We made great advances in breast screening and our new, breakthrough illumina 360° breast thermography System can illuminate early breast tissue changes before they potentially become cancerous or symptoms start to appear.



Encourage to start early

Given that breast cancer is increasingly attacking the younger women (nearly 20% of all affected women are below 40 years age in India), it is best to start screening for breast health early.

  • “I have had the opportunity of being associated with India’s first breast thermography system – illumina 360° and to run clinical investigative studies in its research phase. I am very impressed with what breast thermography can do.”
    Prof. Kalpana Radhakrishnan
    Radiologist, Madras Medical College and Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital, Chennai
  • “Thermography has the unique ability to “map” the individual thermal fingerprint of a woman’s breasts. Any change in this map over the course of months and years can signal an early indication of possible tumors or other abnormalities.”
    Dr Sandeep Jaipurkar
    Vijaya MRI, Chennai

Is illumina 360° accurate? What are the chances of missing breast cancer?

illumina 360° provides 97% accuracy in detecting breast anomalies. By far, this is the best in the world and that is possible due to its dedicated single breast, 360° view, and patented design.

How is illumina 360° different from other breast thermography systems?

It is a dedicated breast thermography system providing 360 degree views of single breast at a time to get highest specificity and accuracy. illumina 360° holds a US patent for its women-friendly design. illumina 360° is recognized as the “Best Innovation 2017” by BIRAC, Government of India.

Who should be tested?

It is a safe procedure for people of all ages. There is no women who shouldn’t be tested. Thermography offers reproducible and scientifically valid information that can be crucial to the development and tracking of a successful treatment strategy.

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