Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a lot easier to change the future when you can see the future. One method is to advance technologies to illuminate the invisible so that you can change the future.

6 Reasons Why illumina 360° is best for you

  • It is a true early warning system. 360° view provides early insights at tissue levels so that you can take preventive measures against breast cancer.

  • Good for young, dense breasts and implants. Younger breasts tend to be denser. illumina 360° doesn’t identify fibrocystic tissue, breast implants, or scars as needing further investigation. It can simply spot heat signatures across all such barriers. It is useful for women of all ages, since a majority of them are not allowed to do breast mammography till the age of 45.

  • Great first step and additional step. illumina 360° can be used as your first step in screening for early breast anomalies. It is also a great tool to monitor breast anomaly recurrence and treatment efficacy.

  • It Doesn’t Hurt. The pressure of a mammogram machine is equivalent to putting a 50-pound weight on your breast, which can be quite painful for most women.

  • No radiation. It is a big YES. Recently United States Preventative Services Task Force reversed its aggressive mammogram guidelines because of the exposure to radiation. It’s well known that excessive doses of radiation can increase your risk of cancer. (Semelka 4). It’s ironic that the test women are using for prevention may be causing the very problem they’re trying to avoid in the first place! And a bigger harm is done during treatment monitoring. PET/CTs can emit huge radiation in addition to the radiation/chemo therapy patient is undergoing.

  • Thermography is very safe. Thermography is even safe for pregnant and nursing women! It’s merely an image of the heat of your body.

“ illumina 360° Breast screening exam takes approximately 20 minutes only and is an extremely comfortable procedure for the patient. illumina 360° is designed to image one breast at a time to capture as much details as possible from every angle in order not to miss even the most difficult to catch breast changes. It is safe and designed for all ages for repeated use. With illumina 360° breast cancer cannot hide any more. ”

Commonly Asked Questions

Is breast thermography safe?
Yes. The procedure is completely safe. Thermography uses infrared camera to image the breast tissues and emits no radiation. Typically a mammography exam, FDA approved mode of breast screening uses 0.4 mSv of ionizing radiation which is equivalent to 7 weeks of natural background radiation. A PET/CT used in staging and monitoring of cancer, including breast cancer emits 10 mSv of ionizing radiation which is equivalent to 3 years of natural background radiation. Since illumina 360° uses no ionizing radiation, it is absolutely safe for women of all ages and repeated use. It is especially safe for the patient in monitoring of therapy as its no radiation compared 10 mSv of PET/CT.

Is Breast Thermography costly?
The patient cost is decided by the healthcare providers/institutions depending locations and specific amenities being provided by the institution. Overall, cost to patient can be lower than current mammography exams. It is an additional benefit to women as it is less expensive and not risky.

Does illumina 360° replace mammograms?
Absolutely not! illumina 360° Breast thermography and mammography exams complement each other. We recommend using Breast Thermography for screening of all asymptomatic patients regularly, especially 18-45 years age group and if results are suspicious (and have previous or family history) to go for mammography for ruling out or in suspicious findings by Breast thermography.

The consensus among health care experts is that no one procedure or method of imaging is solely adequate for breast cancer screening. The false negative and positive rates for currently used examination tests are too high for the procedures to be used alone. However, illumina 360° may pick up thermal markers that may indicate the risk of cancers missed by other tests. A positive thermography image is also the single most important marker of high risk for developing breast cancer. It is illumina 360° ‘s unique ability to monitor the abnormal temperature (physiological) changes produced by pathological breast tissue that allows for extremely early detection. Since it has been determined that 1 in 25.8 women will get breast cancer, we should use every means possible to detect these tumors when there is the greatest chance for survival. Adding these tests together increases the chance for early detection. In other words, not every normal person need to go for mammography and Breast Thermography can act as your frontline of defense against breast cancer. In monitoring of a patient, again, illumina 360° can be repeatedly used understanding efficacy of treatment and capturing re-growth early. Radiating imaging devices can be used if a re-growth is shown by Breast Thermography.

Is Breast Thermography an approved procedure? Yes, in 1982 Breast Thermography was approved by the FDA as a breast imaging procedure to be used in addition to other imaging tests and/or examination procedures. Who is qualified to take and interpret Breast thermography images? Interpretation of thermography images should only be made by health care providers who are clinically trained . CURA Healthcare has training programs to educate healthcare providers read breast thermography images. It can be used by all qualified healthcare providers with training.

Does Breast thermography hurt?
Absolutely No. Unlike mammography, there is no compression or pressing of breast tissues and hence there is no pain. During illumina 360° exam, patients are asked to suspend her breast in the scanning chamber freely and a puff of cold air and hot air (below 300) is used. They cause no dis-comfort to the patient either. 

Where is it available? Where can I do tests today?
This is a new technology and CURA Healthcare has launched this on October 27, 2017 for commercial use. Many centres have expressed interest and we hope to see illumina 360° available across the country in few months. We will soon update this website with all available centres. Currently illumina 360° is being used by following centres:Stanley Hospital, Chennai; Vijaya hospitals, Chennai; Madurai GH; Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Chennai,

Is illumina 360° accurate? What are the chances of missing breast cancer?
illumina 360° detects breast anomalies that may potentially become cancerous in future. It is pre-cancerous. A persistent abnormal thermogram carries with it a 22x higher risk of future breast cancer. An abnormal infrared image is the single most important marker of high risk for developing breast cancer. illumina 360° provides 97% accuracy in detecting breast anomalies. By far, this is the best in the world and that is possible due to its dedicated single breast, 360° view, and patented design. illumina 360° is likely to miss 3% of breast anomalies however; a repeated test may capture the missed anomalies in the first test. Compared to illumina 360° a mammography provides 87% sensitivity and as the age comes down, the percentage comes down. Western research has shown that breast thermography significantly augments the long-term survival of its recipients. When used as part of a multimodal approach (clinical examination + mammography + thermography) 95% of early stage cancers will be detected.

Why did it take thermography so much of time to make an entry into breast healthcare?
Most technologies become available for normal use after prolonged research, incubation and clinical trials and are perfected over time. It took nearly 100 years for x-ray to become digital after its first accidental discovery in 1895. It took over 70 years after x-ray discovery to design mammography equipment in 1966. While Thermography was in use from 1929 by military, it was considered for healthcare in 1950s. In 1976, thermography was established by consensus as the highest risk marker for possibility of the presence of an undetected breast cancer at International Symposium on Detection and Prevention of Cancer, New York. In 1982, the FDA approved breast thermography as an adjunctive breast cancer screening procedure after extensive research.

Over 1000 peer-reviewed studies on breast thermography exist in the index-medicus literature. In this database, well over 300,000 women have been included as study participants. CURA Healthcare has done a local study with over 5000 patients to find efficacy in Indian conditions. Some of these studies have followed patients up to 12 years. The advent of digital technologies and robotic tools are allowing perfection of this invaluable technology and same is reflected in illumina 360°. We hope to make further enhancement of illumina 360° for advancement of breast healthcare as well as other human organs.

How is illumina 360° different from other breast thermography systems?
illumina 360° is a unique, dedicated breast thermography product. It is digital, robotic and provides 360 degree view of the breast with static images taken at every 15 degree. illumina 360° dedicated design and highly sensitive thermography camera ensures no signs of breast anomalies are missed in the breast as it focuses only on the breast, where it matters. Its unique design ensures no breast exposure or discomfort to the patient while ensuring 97% accuracy. Most of the breast thermography systems in the global market are open type and requires patient to remove their costumes in the presence of technician – a major cause of embarrassment as shown in many a research. These designs are for general purpose and focuses on the entire chest area instead of the organ of interest and takes flat images from front i.e coverage is only from one angle and gives a limited view. It is the first of its kind in the world and the only breast thermography product available in the Indian market. It is designed in India, for the world.

Is illumina 360° approved by statutory bodies?
Breast thermography as a technology innovation is approved by FDA in 1982. The illumina 360° has CE Marking by European authorities and is funded by Department of Bio-Technology, Government of India. We have followed the best of international quality standards. There is no specific Indian regulatory body available to provide additional certifications.

Who should be tested?
It is a safe procedure for people of all ages. There is no women who shouldn’t be tested.  Thermography offers reproducible and scientifically valid information that can be crucial to the development and tracking of a successful treatment strategy.

Where can I do a breast thermography?
Breast thermography is being introduced by CURA Healthcare. Currently there are a few systems operational in Chennai, Bangalore and Nagpur. Please return to this page to find an updated list of centres and locations where you can illuminate breast anomalies using illumina 360°.

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