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Modular Multipara Monitor - ACCUMATRIX Salient Features:

  • Monitor is a modular, stationary, multi-parameter monitor for neonates to adult
  • With Masimo SET SpO2 and SunTech NIBP
  • Free transfer of each module into any slot of the monitor (Hot Swappable)
  • Hot Keys are available through Touch Screen operation
  • Configurable Screen Formats
  • ECS, Respiration, NIBP, 31BPs, EtCO2, 2Temperature and Cardiac Output
  • ECG arrhythmia analysis, ST analysis (slope and level) Pacemaker detection
  • Oxygen concentration in gas mixture
  • Anesthetic gas concentration: N20, ISOENG, HAL, SEC, DES.
  • Selectable Audio & Visual alarms
  • 96 Hours Trend/Review Data, Ethernet connectivity to CMS
  • Built in Rechargeable Battery
  • Facility to connect External / Slave Monitor
  • Optional: 3 Channel Thermal Printers
  • Optional: GPRS Connectivity for Tele-HealthCare