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Syringe Pump - ACCUPUSH Salient Features:

  • Three different modes of infusion: Volume Target Volume/ Time Rate
  • Intelligent micro controller for accuracy of dosage.
  • Front loading of syringe.
  • Auto detection of syringes.
  • On Line bolus facility provided.
  • KVO alarm is an integral part of the system.
  • Provided with 10 hours battery back up, when the rate is 5ml/Hr for 50ml Syringe.
  • Special help key provided to infuse 2 different drugs mixed in the same Syringe. Automatic rate calculation done by the micro computer once the Patients weight & drug volume is entered.
  • Drug library comprises around 110 drugs.
  • PCA mode provided. (Optional)
  • Visual indication & setting of Pressures for syringe occlusion.
  • Small & compact, can be fitted vertically or horizontally on rail or on IV pole.
  • Feather touch keys provided for fast & slow settings of various parameters.
  • Low battery alarm provided.
  • Self diagnosis check carried out each time the unit is put on.
  • Storage of 300 Event Log.