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Pulse Oximeter - OXYCORR Salient Features:

  • OXYCORR provides SpO2 and pulse rate measurements of any patient ranging from Adult to Neonates
  • Option to display Plethysmograph or values in extra big Digits
  • Numeric Pulse strength and Bar Graph display
  • SAC Technology: Enhanced performance in low Perfusion & Artifacts
  • Audible pitch change with change in % SpO2
  • Non-volatile memory for storing Graphical & Tabular trends with alarm Status for 72 Hours
  • Serial interface for connecting printer / PC for printing Sp)2 & PR values Every 1 Min, 5 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min
  • Compatible to connect Complete Care CMS & PC-S software
  • Long battery operation for more than 8 Hours
  • Bright Blue – silver LCD screen for easy viewing
  • One touch contrast adjustment
  • Flip feet to adjust the viewing angle
  • Single Touch Alarm On/Off & Alarm limits setup
  • Weight: 2.8Kg
  • Size: 240mm x 88mm x 164mm
  • Display: 240 x 64, Bright Blue-Silver LCD
  • Indications: Mains, Battery & Alarm off
  • System Alarms: Probe Disconnected, Finger Disconnected