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CURA has joined hands with Adonis, Chandigarh based x-ray manufacturer who has been in the industry for over couple of decades, to bring high quality high frequency and line frequency x-ray systems for small to large hospital use. CURA offers 60mA to 300mA portable for bedside use and standalone HF x-ray systems upto 800mA for radiology dept use.

DReam ERA-FP Retro Salient Features:

  • Flat Panel Technology with CsI scintillator.
  • High frequency X-ray machine with ceiling suspension tube support system.
  • Fixed detector for Upright/Recumbent/Oblique positions.
  • Auto exposure settings& Pre-set Programs to assist a semi skilled technologist.
  • High quality Image at lower dosage.
  • Easy work flow, Increased Patient throughput and reliable technology.
  • Designed exclusively with discerning Customers and Indian situations in mind.
  • Lower power, minimum installation time and space.
  • Digital Image enable faster data transfer to remote site for Diagnosis/Reports.
  • Flexible and versatile for use.