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DCS-fs Plus Salient Features:

  • Use Of Commonly Available Cleaning Agents.
  • Programmable Sequence And Timing.
  • Pressure Leakage Test.
  • Total Cell Volume Measurement, Display And Print.
  • Store And Recall Of Sequence.
  • Print Facility.
  • Independent Of Inlet Water Pressure Can Be As Low As 1 Bar.
  • Dialyzis Reprocessing Reporting System (DRRS) has been designed to complement DCS and comes up with a suite of reports that helps Nephrologists and Dialysis Technician with Dialyzer traceability , usage etc. The report has been designed with rich User Interface and with suitable adaptors can be plugged to existing Hospital Management System.
  • TUSPAS is an in-house tool has been designed at TUSCANO to help remote monitoring of DCS at client location. With TUSPAS , monitoring as well complete machine testing (automated) can be done remotely.
  • System gives freedom to customer to decide and define even each of the cleaning process sequence and the time.
  • System facilitates the each user to save specific protocols as per their site’s preferences for repetition in same patient or for same type of dialyzers.
  • Packed cell volume is measured accurately with ± 2% variation.
  • Increased number of reuses of dialyzer.
  • Cost effective treatment.