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SonoScape S22 Salient Features:

  • Full range of transducers
  • Customizable menu
  • Enhanced work flow
  • Control panel
  • 18.5 inch flat LED Monitor
  • 8 inch Touch screen
  • Simple user interface

Phase Inversion Harmonic Imaging (PIH)
The harmonic signals are fully preserved without degradation of the acoustic information. Making it possible for the S22 to capture high-level details and improved contrast resolution by reducing noise and clutter in the visualizing of subtle lesions, small parts, vascular and so on.

Spatial Compound imaging (SCI)
Spatial Compound Imaging utilizes several lines of sight for optimal contrast resolution, speckle reduction and border detection, with which the S22 is ideal for superficial and abdominal imaging with better clarity and improved continuity of structures.

Second-generation μ-scan technology greatly improves the visibility of organs and lesions with improved, high-definition contrast resolution that suppresses speckle artifacts while maintaining real tissue architecture.