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Vinno G80 Salient Features:

  • Innovative RF platform (the first in the world)
    The revolutionary RF platform, The First In The World, removes the limitation on hardware pre-processing and demodulation of traditional ultrasound platform. This allows all radio frequency signal for computing and processing, which is approximately dozens of times of data size than current traditional ultrasound is using, with the advantageof retaining more information and getting more accurate RF raw data for post processing. It results in much better image quality in resolution and contrast. This platform also has higher frequency range which can support probe from 1-25MHz.The intuitive work flow and user interface make it ease of use. And continuous improvement is our commitment always.
  • VTissue – Adaptive Tissue Characterization
    Adaptive processing on echo signal improves the tissue characterization and image resolution, with the help of RF platform.
  • Excellent 3D/4D imaging
    Excellent 3D/4D imaging technology based on VINNO RF platform provides amazing image quality and extremely realistic rendering images, especially for OB and Gyn.
  • Smart Touch 3D/4D Operation
    Smart touch user interface fully utilizes touch panel possibility for easy operation, such as rotation of 3D rendering image, ROI movement, and Magic cut by finger.
  • STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation)
    STIC technology visualizes one complete fetal heart cycle automatically by using 3D acquisition easily.
  • CBI (Contrast Bubble Imaging)
    Advanced contrast bubble imaging combined with VINNO RF platform utilizes nonlinear fundamental and harmonic component of bubble echo signal by pulse modulation inversion technology. It helps the vibration of bubble maximally, and significantly improves the contrast resolution and tissue perfusion of contrast imaging.
  • EI (Elasticity Imaging)
    Real-time elasticity imaging shows the difference of strain with coded gray or color and the analysis of strain rate between tumor or other lesions and the surrounding normal tissue.
  • Easy Compare
    Easy compare function provides the flexible ability to real-time compare with the previous patient data by one touch.